Thursday, May 14, 2009

Psychology/Philosophy: Mankind's Appetite

It never ceases to amaze me that there ever lingers an endless library of information being strewn about concerning all matters of mankinds endless hunger to obtain all knowing; carnal or spiritual knowledge.

With sciences running in a race to prove or disprove everything in a methodical, or mathematical equasion, over to the philosophical overviews of a massive buffet of spiritual teachings, the two span 10,000 years, creating debates, and finding a resolve... appears to be unlikely.

As I sit here awestruck, and inspired by the two, it dawns on me that despite the delicacies concerning creationism and evolution, I gotta wonder; will there ever be a mutual resolve formed intelligently, whereby the two could simple agree we have not, will not, nor likely ever will systematically obtain all knowing wisdom, regardless of our individual or group efforts?

Whilst one group stands on the right pointing fingers screaming; "Ha, you've traveled so far left, you don't know what's right!"

Meanwhile, the group on the left returns fire, poiting and screaming; "Oh yeah, well you clowns have traveled so far right, you don't have anything left!"

And still, for all our intellectual growth has afforded us, we are quite possibly just as ignorant as ever in coming to the realization, not any one person has yet to prove we will ever obtain the ultimate recipe in solving the complex mysteries associated to our existence.

Certainly, I can opinionate my relationship with Jesus Christ, and attempt to justify the perverse nature concerning my personal experiences, convictions, and beliefs, just as much as I can profess my underlying curiousities surrounding the complexities of science, and the tools made available to us to explore further by the brilliant minded individuals who's passions enabled them specific knowledge to produce such items; that many of us couldn't begin to ever comprehend outside the scope of enjoying that they work.

Meanwhile, as a student of life itself, what hope might I ever have in breeching the thresholds of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom? - when people throughout history have simply proven one thing; there's a balance to everything, a negative and a positive, and to push one, promotes a response from the other. Coinciding with all laws from Einsteins "Theory of Relativity", to Newton's "Laws of Motion" on down to and enless library denoting the "Writings On The Wall."

Finding that balance however, is the ultimate conquest we share stock in. As I am currently working on several writings concerning a teaching surrounding the abolishment of bias ignorance, and being more optomistic that if we stop momentarily, pause, and simply question the point of our age old debates, is it even possible, we might better serve one another, and ourselves if we simply could become more respectful to the fact; nobody really knows what lies ahead for mankind, scientifically, or regarding the exact time of the ultimate spiritual revelation?
And if someone did, would they share that information with us the people?
Betterstill, would we believe it?

We can prophesize, analize, even demoralize everything in our path, and still never scratch the surface of the universal truth that lingers somewhere in our midst.

One of my greatest challenges in the writings I am working on, is there really are no new ingredients to be found, but rather a vast array of recipes to wit we can create anew formulation of ideas using the knowledge of old, to seek solution to the probles we; mankind have created in our prior attempts to defend our appetites.

In closing, let it be we revert back to the times where family and moral values, principles, ethics, and our internalized interests can again superceed our uncanny appetites, while many of us run amuck relentlessly seeking to flavor our tongues with all that tastes good going in, but does little by way of sustainment coming out.
For some, even that process can be bastardized or inverted, the minute they open their mouth to speak.

However, as creatures of habit, we learn through repetition, and let it be we come to acknowledge our wrong doings, and come to appreciate the privilidge life offers us, before our time expires, and we look back in reflection to realize; if we hadn't spend all our time in debates, focusing mainly on the problem(s), we could've provided a solution or two, to expand onto the next phase of growth, and development. Hence, focusing solely on the problem, and debating it, provides no resolve!

Clearly, irregardless of your color, race, creed, socioeconomic status, spiritual beliefs, or even ones academic accomplishments, we are all fighting a 10,000 year old ghost. If only we concentrated our efforts on harmonizing the 3 major elements whereby we exist; mind, body, and spirit (or soul), maybe then in concentrating our efforts to get those three elements to align, becoming balanced individuals, then maybe, just maybe we could come to better appreciate ourselves, one another, and the role we all play in preserving mankind, and our vitile resources for the next generation.

Common sense stuff, and still, as I walk the land in silent observation, studying the behavioral patterns of my fellow man/woman/child, I am at a loss for words in trying to find a starting point to even begin constructing a small piece of the bridge over the vast gaps of indifference we promote, and then subjectively we suffer unto, at the expense of our own hunger, selfish indiscretions, disregard, and ignorance.

C'mon people, we far greater an intelligent species, then to allow such circumstancial depravities to stall our forward momentum in our quest to obtain the essence of freedom!
No barriers!
This requires a group effort, taking out walls, and obsticles, and by continually leaving our trash behind on life's path, then stalls the forward momentum of the next, our own children, who then have to navigate their way through such unnessesary obsticles.

I guess what I'm sayin' is we could do better for ourselves, and by each other, and until we do start applying a sincere effort, we're going to remain inverted, dysfunctional, and intruded upon by unnessesary ignorance!
If we worker harder together today, we can play harder together tomorrow, and afford our children the same honor and privilidge. God knows it's what we all truly desire... FREEDOM!
Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword, and the tongue is both a blessing and a curse, whereby, if we arm ourselves with intelligence, ignorance doesn't stand a chance!
Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day,

Art M.

PeachPit (Pearson Education)

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